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I’m Pete Black

Surrounded by musicians and musical instruments since birth. In my eighth year my piano teacher passed away after my first practice so my family directed me to play euphonium. After doing the Arbins book sight reading was easy. Early days were in the Oshawa Kinsmen band and Oshawa Civic and Regimental band. Then high school bands in Oshawa, Kingston and Mississauga. Switched to the trumpet and co-founded the Mississauga Big Band now Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble. Stints on double bass, banjo, ukulele, vibraphone and always playing piano by ear.

Now back to baritone trumpet in the Scout House Band of Cambridge doing parades, field shows, fundraising and recruiting. Music of all vintages and types I enjoy and promote live music whenever possible particularly with youth. Music is the international language and links all cultures. May every generation keep it alive.

Listen to more of my favourite music

This is one heck of array of real music... Enjoy!
Four Freshmen & 5 Trombones Tangerine
Four Freshmen & 5 Trombones I remember you
Maynard Ferguson
I'm getting sentimental over you
Maynard Ferguson
Maynard Ferguson
MacArthur Park
Maynard Ferguson
Mercy Mercy Mercy
Stan Kenton
Intermission Riff
Stan Kenton Orchestra
The Big Chase
Stan Kenton
Here's that rainy day
Maynard Ferguson
Send in the Clowns
Stan Kenton
In Memorium
Anita O'Day/Four Freshmen Stan Kenton
There will never be another you
Virgil Fox
Legacy | Bach | Gigue Fugue
Virgil Fox
Heavy organ Carnegie Hall
Virgil Fox Legacy
Middleshulte in Japan
The Boss Brass
The waltz I blew for you
Boss Brass
Street of Dreams
Boss Brass
Boss Brass
Things ain't what they used to be
Boss Brass
Mississauga Jazz Ensemble The Look of Love
Toronto All Star Big Band
Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody
Toronto All-Star Big Band
Glenn Miller Festival
Toronto All-Star Big Band
Sing Sing Sing

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